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Our programme consists of 10 coaching units spread over 3 month. We enable you and your team to implement Journey Map Operations in your organization.
8,900 Euro flat for a three month coaching.
What’s included
  • 2 online keynotes
  • 4 workshop sessions [remote]
  • 2 facilitated Journey Map Ops councils [remote]
  • 2 feedback and coaching sessions [remote]
  • 3 months Smaply whitelabel plan, up to 20 users
  • Templates, work sheets, slide decks
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Marc Stickdorn is well-known in the global service design community. His award-winning books are foundational texts for service designers around the world. He is co-founder and CEO of More than Metrics, regularly speaks at conferences, and teaches service design at universities and executive education programs. With a background in strategic management and service design, Marc helps organizations to sustainably embed and scale service design.
Marc Stickdorn
Service Design Consulting
Umbrückleralmweg 1
6020 Innsbruck, Austria