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Journey map ops
A customer-centric management tool for agile organizations
Aiming for customer centricity

How to manage multiple agile projects or even an agile organization?

Unfortunately, silos persists in agile-land. Agile projects often still lack a shared language, mutual tools, or a common perspective between all involved teams and departments. Each organizational silo, such as teams, departments, disciplines, work in a different way with a dedicated language and incompatible set of software tools.
This makes true agile working very hard. Managing one such project is a challenge; understanding overlaps and contradictions between many agile projects is really hard. If you’re looking for a way to handle this and drive customer-/employee-centricity in your organization, Journey Map Ops might be what you’re looking for …

Customer Journey Maps

Visualize and design customer and employee experience

Go through your customer’s experience step by step with journey maps. Understand the reality of your customers. Eliminate bad experiences in their journey. Design your touchpoints to create an awesome experience for your customers. Make sure that your products provide real value to your customers and turn them into your ambassadors.

Journey Map Software

Embed customer-centricity in teams and companies

Smaply, a software for journey maps, enables you to quickly create and share professional journey maps across teams and organizations. Give your team a tool that helps them to always focus on your customers. Also, apply journey maps to design for employee experience: Attracting and keeping the talents that drive your business.

Journey Map Ops

Use a customer-centric management tool for agile organizations

Use journey maps as a visual management tool connecting the silos of your organization. See how all projects and initiatives in your company impact your customers’ experience on one map. Build a hierarchy of maps to zoom into details. Find overlaps and contradictions between projects early on saving time and money.

Journey Map Operations

Why invest in Journey Map Ops?

No matter if you’re completely new to journey maps or if you’re a veteran in journey mapping, using journey maps as a visual customer-centric management tool requires a specific set-up and governance structure. When implemented correctly, it can help you to keep an overview of ongoing and planned initiatives in your organization as well as a repository of past projects including previous journey maps and research data.

Journey Map Ops enables you to:

  • Keep a hierarchy of maps that are always up-to-date
  • Build a repository of previous projects and research data
  • Coordinate all projects in your organization with impact on CX/EX
  • Find old projects and build new projects on existing data
  • Actively build bridges between organizational silos

What do you need to bring:

  • A team of 3-15 people who are interested in trying and installing Journey Map Ops in your organization
  • No previous knowledge on journey mapping needed, but, of course, it is helpful
  • Approx. 4 hours per week work time between the workshops and council meetings
  • Meeting room with stable internet connection, video and audio setup for video calls
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How to get Started

Course Overview

Course structure

10 remote sessions over a period of three months.

  • Opening Keynote: Intro to service design and Journey Map Ops
  • Intro to Workshops and Project Maps
  • Present maps and co-create one high-level map
  • Present refined maps and share learnings
  • Review map repository and set up governing structure
  • Open coaching session
  • 1st JM Ops Council Meeting
    (active coaching)
  • Open coaching session
  • 2nd JM Ops Council Meeting
    (passive coaching)
  • Q&A, Outlook, Closing keynote, Feedback

E-Learning formats

Different digital formats, personally hosted.

  • Online Keynotes
    Learning by seeing. Listen and learn to private presentations.
  • Remote Workshops
    Learning by doing. Practice tools and methods and succeed in given tasks.
  • Coaching
    Learning by reflecting. Receive 1:1 and group feedback on concluded tasks.
  • Journey Map Ops Council Meetings
    Learning by leading. Get tips, coaching and feedback on how to operationalize Journey Map Operations in your organization.

Included in the course

Everything included in flat price.

  • 2 online keynotes [remote]: Opening and closing keynote by renowned speakers
  • 4 workshop sessions [remote]: Moderated workshop sessions to start building your own repository of journey maps 
  • 2 facilitated Journey Map Ops councils [remote]: Kick-start your new cx/ex operating system with coaching from experts
  • 2 feedback and coaching sessions [remote]: Get feedback on your management journey maps and learn what matters on these maps
  • 3 months Smaply whitelabel plan, up to 20 users: Try out the only dedicated software for Journey Map Ops
  • Templates, work sheets, slide decks: Everything you need to start Journey Map Ops
  • Optional: Full white-labelling of all materials possible
  • Optional: Additional train-the-trainer materials and license to scale this internally
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